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If I worked for a company that was subject to Active Directory compliance requirements, then Sysmalogic would be a "no-brainer" purchase for me. The same would apply if I worked for a company that took change management (think Information Technology Infrastructure Library—ITIL) seriously. I like this tool's speed and simplicity!

Timothy Warner, Microsoft MVP

Pluralsight Author

The Active Directory Report Builder is an amazing reporting tool with an intuitive, yet simple, interface. This tool trims hours off of my day by providing on-demand, accurate and consistent reporting. This is now my primary go to utility, and after 27 years in the industry, that is saying a lot!

Paul Jadlowski, Senior Systems Engineer

Parkland HHS

Some of our customers

Free vs. Trial & Paid


Feature comparison set

  • Full result view (no row limit)
  • No expiration date
  • Multi-domain use
  • All Built-in reports
  • Add or remove columns
  • Non-replicated reports
  • Set any search target
  • Grid text filters/column
  • Export report to CSV
  • Save to Favorites
  • Change query server
  • Export to HTML and Excel
  • Export grid-filtered rows
  • Schedule Reports
  • Add attributes from schema
  • LDAP query builder
  • Granular report filtering
  • Report based on CSV import
  • Match with clipboard data
  • Column profiles
  • Copy from grid

Free Version

Trial converts into free

Paid Versions

Trial contains all features


Match and Find

Quickly add multiple inclusion/exclusion filters. Import from CSV or paste info from clipboard to find exact matches in AD

Instant Reporting

Select a start builder and run it instantly by unchecking "EDIT COLUMNS" check-box. The check state behavior of this feature is managed in main settings

Flexible Grid view

Use the grid view to display the active directory report results in a format similar to a spreadsheet. Grid view provides instant "type-in" column filtering and sorting capabilities. Perform direct copy of specific cells, rows or columns.

Change Forest or Domain

Click on the BINDINGS menu and easily switch domain with a drop-down selection change. All directory servers and trust parters are automatically loaded.

Search Target - OU Tree

Select OneLevel or Subtree search for one OU.

Search Target - OU List

Select OneLevel or Subtree search in scattered multiple OU's. Select your search to target any OU's and/or its child OU's from a list.

Active Directory Report Editor

Schedule Active Directory reports, Save AD query to file, Export report, Add attributes from schema Add or remove LDAP filters, Test or edit LDAP syntax, Add or remove columns.

Column Profiles

Define column sets for each category and how the start builder columns should display by default.

Add Schema Attributes

With one click, add attributes from your AD schema that is not already built-in. The application automatically determines which category(ies) the attribute can link to, its column name, if its single or multi valued and how the attribute can be displayed in grid.

Automate and schedule AD reports

Use automated reports to follow up on AD processes & projects. Edit and manage your existing scheduled tasks. Set recurring triggers to run Daily, Weekly or Monthly, with optional repeating intervals. Tasks are run in service using local system or service account.

Schedule E-mail Report

Embed report in email by selecting from different html styled tables. Attach report to email

Schedule report to Folder or Sharepoint

Automate saving reports on Local Disk and/or remote URL or share Schedule to upload to a SharePoint location.