The paid version is based on a set of features that are either active (with a license file) or inactive (free version).
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Licenses are not based on number of domains or number of AD users.
The type specifies single or multiple end use (the user that is the software user).

Subscription licenses


Single User

Yearly Payment

Multi Site/Enterprise

Yearly Payment
$ 299
$ 999
Installations One machine Unlimited machines
Enterprise or consulting
Updates /Upgrades /Support

Purchases with credit card (BUY NOW buttons) are handled by Paypro Global's payment gateway based in Toronto, Canada. The license creation and product delivery (E-mail) is managed by Sysmalogic based in Stockholm, Sweden.

The payment is made up-front and license delivery is processed the same or next business day.

License grants & Maintenance

Single User License

Entitles one person to install and use the software on one machine in any location for one company. The software may be used by the software user to connect to this company's specific domains/trust partners accessible to the software user.

Multi-Site/Enterprise License

Entitles all users within one company/enterprise to install the software and report in any domains accessible to the software users, regardless of location or site where the software is being used. The license file may also be shared to anyone within the company's legal branched entities, provided that this parent, sibling, child, subsidiary or other branched entity do not also operate in one or more industries different than of the Licensee company. An industry here defined as a collection of businesses that produce or supply the same type of products or services. Those entities would need to purchase their own license type. A multi-site/Enterprise license is also the suitable license for consulting companies. The software may therefore be used by all employees of the consulting company, in its own network and in their customer’s networks, provided the software user is an employee of the licensee company. The license file may not be shared or be activated and used by any employee of its customers/clients or be shared to a legal branched entity of the Licensee company that also operate in one or more industries different than of the Licensee company.

Support and maintenance

E-mail support is free, but prioritized for paying customers. All updates and upgrades are free.

Do I need to sign-up to download the Trial?

The software can currently downloaded by a simple sign-up. When you first install the software, the 30 days trial begins.

What features do I get in the paid version?

  • Save your own reports to a favorite list. Saves column set, column order, saves search targets, query server & LDAP filters.
  • Export your file to Excel (Any version), regardless if Excel is installed.
  • Export your report to html webpage
  • Export only the column filtered results
  • Automate your report to run on a schedule to E-mail (embedded or as attachment), place in folder share or to SharePoint location.
  • Change the default query server. Add/Remove current ones.
  • Add your own attributes already not built in. Select as column or use in extended LDAP filter.
  • Add remove any extended LDAP filter to your initial report.
  • View or edit any LDAP filter syntax. Test the query for validation and results.
  • Copy grid selection. Select sections of your report and copy the results with or without column headers.
  • Use the built in text filters to report on specific results. Import your own CSV file or paste your clipboard in order to view other values for your data.
  • Change the initial set of columns for the built-in reports. (Column profiles)

I have purchased a license, when do I get the license and how do I activate it?

If you made your purchase with the BUY NOW buttons, your order is processed and managed by Paypro global which is the payment gateway used. When an order has been placed we get confirmation of payment at which point Sysmalogic creates your license file. (Allow up to 24 hours) The license file is sent to the email address that you specified upon purchase. If you made your purchase directly with Sysmalogic we will create and send you the license upon payment or as agreed. The license file is activated only one time. For Single-Site and Multi-Site/Enterprise licenses, distribute the license file to the users that will use the application. To activate the license file open the application and go to Settings->Activate License and select the file. For Single User and Single Consultant license, we will ask for the Computer ID available in the AD report builder settings. You can use the option available in settings to email the ID directly to us, please provide the orderid for your purchase.

Can I install the application and share it using Remote Desktop Services?

Yes, the "Multi-Site/Enterprise" license enables multi-instances mode.