Version 1.2 - Build 6.7.1

  1. Replaced licensing to a set of features, either active (paid) or inactive (free).
  2. Trial extended to 30 days
  3. New free version after trial.
  4. Fixed issue where column re-ordering in grid view did not export in same order to file
  5. Fixed an issue with the back button not appearing in extended LDAP section
  6. Changed top bar appearance
  7. Added column 'Enabled' to default column-set for user and computer category
  8. Added quick link for support

Version 1.1 - Build 6.6.2

  1. Added feature to name scheduled file.
  2. Added feature to overwrite existing scheduled file or create new timestamped file when task is re-triggered.
  3. Added Group description and notes in built-in reports.

Version 1 - Build 6.6.1

  1. Added licensing.

Candidate Release

  1. Changed BINDINGS authentication - HOST name no longer required for alternative credentials.
  2. Fixed an issue when changing query server, it now update its name in the bottom status info bar.
  3. Performance improvement building the OU tree view.
  4. Added option to rename a FAVORITE directly upon save with DOMAIN and OU text join options
  5. Added a cancel option in Add/Rem columns window to get back to report view.
  6. Added alternating colored rows in grid as default. Can be changed by right click in grid.
  7. Added report “Users where phone..” (Company phone).
  8. Fixed an issue with enabled/disabled option for specific report: “Users where password was changed”
  9. Minor GUI fixes.

Beta 5

  1. Minor GUI adjustments
  2. Fixed multi-line issue with the nested “member” column for category – group
  3. New top bar shortcut to the Report Task Scheduler
  4. Fixed issue in the “Schedule Logger” in task scheduler – events not showing.
  5. Fixed issue with schedulers SMTP window closing when performing a sending test
  6. Changed the way domain is selected. Optimized alternative credentials.
  7. Added “Type to filter..” in the grid filter columns (User requests!)
  8. Added counter of “Multiple Criteria” option
  9. Fixed issue with the “Favorites” window opening if drop-down was closed without selection.
  10. Fixed. After canceling searching in OU(s) window, the query does not refresh
  11. Fixed if running a favorite that was saved with another domain, there is now a cancel option to go back.

Beta 4

  1. Minor bug fixes
  2. Added create report in columns
  3. Report name has builders in it
  4. Added to remove favorites after 50 in list. Made selectable.
  5. Fixed REFRESH, LDAP relative time is not updated. Save first as favorite in a new list, then remove.

Beta 3

  1. Added selectable colour themes.
  2. Fixed bug when exporting to excel on a machine where excel is not installed.
  3. Fixed bug in domain manual connect
  4. Report is instantly run after adding extra columns or filters.
  5. FIXED! Reload servers from domain
  6. FIXED! add filter numbers, dates change so reports runs instantly
  7. FIXED! run favorites directly, change so columns display, if changed in settings
  8. FIXED! unhandeld ex: Manage attributes launch if not connected to domain
  9. FIXED! unhandeld ex: Change server if not connected to domain.
  10. FIXED! If a query was canceled, all columns were removed
  11. FIXED! changed so that subtree is default for one OU search.

Beta 2

  1. Complete remake of GUI